Friday, September 26, 2008

Matters of the heart

my love life has been nothing short of complicated in recent years and I think it would take too much time to explain ;) so I avoid... one day you will get the full story and you will be highly fascinated by my tales of open relationships and love and sex sagas that might as well be straight out of the most fabulously cliché history books.

why am i thinking about this? b/c I just drank a big glass of red wine and am listening to mikki james "the fall". which throws me right into an all too familiar state of being lonely – which think i am quite addicted to... a strange thing. I suppose I have to be addicted to something ;)

life has been interesting lately. Its strange going from being a serial relationshipist to being single. But its refreshing. I am getting to know myself in ways that I never have. There’s no one out there to distract me from myself, from you, from my vision. I think I have always used sex and relationships as a way to distract me, so for me this is a big step.

Ok. Now that I have bared my intimate life with you, I am off to have more red wine and sweet dreams.

Presidential Debate

Obama is completely present and genuine. He answers with a level of clarity and authenticity that is so refreshing. I love that he is interested in spending on education and things that will cause our country and the people to thrive. He clearly is committed to building our country and creating wealth for Americans as a whole. To me, McCain is just more of the same old same old.

Obviously, we cannot afford more of the same. I'm interested in a new conversation... Young, present, and committed. You?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Oh Cassettes

So a friend of mine found a cassette tape of my songs in a Goodwill Store in Dunlap, TN... population of 200 people. how odd. i'm cracking up. part of me is a little afraid that its one of my early childhood creations... I used to rewrite dirty lyrics to disney songs and release albums for christmas to my family... could they be resurfacing? oh my...

last night i played silverlake lounge. was such a fun night. my friend jessy greene sat in on violin - she's amazing and gorgeous. also ben peeler of course, who is always brilliant. the highlight of the night for me was having mikki james play. despite his self deprecating comments about being uncomfortable on stage, i think he is a brilliant songwriter and i love hearing him play.

oh other highlight of the night was meeting richard grieco. psyched ;)

Monday, September 8, 2008

Gospel Night at Hotel Cafe

Just got home from Brother Sal and Laura Jansen's "Gospel Night" at Hotel Cafe. The show was beyond amazing - completely inspiring and brought me back to my days at church camp. Fun Fact for the Day: If you didn't know, I used to lead campfires at church camp and my parents used to be ministers. ;) It was one of my biggest experiences growing up…

So after the show, I pull into the driveway with my friend Aida and share with her about it. I had to walk away b/c I didn't believe in organized religion anymore and the boundaries and separation I feel it creates between people. At this point I don't identify with anything that creates any kind of separation – labels, religions, sometimes even gender ;) Really – we're all the same, except when we say we're not. And even then, we still are – we just forgot we are.

I had no idea this was all brewing under the surface and I certainly had no idea I would be tearing up in my driveway or writing an extremely personal blog after "Gospel Night" at Hotel. But there it was and I surely did and I feel like I can finally put it to rest and enjoy these songs again with absolute freedom. Yes, I will be singing with em at the next Gospel Night and fillllled with anticipation. ;)