Wednesday, June 11, 2008

devour your life

almost two years ago i started this blog to share with you all a declaration of "who i am". i went through a life altering experience and realized what an asshole i had been to many people that i loved because it was more important for me to prove that i was right, than to accept a different point of view. how funny we are? we will even be righteous about how open minded we are! "you are wrong - we ARE open minded!" lol.

really its kind of cute - those are the moments where we get stuck in being 5 years old again. now when i get that way or someone i know does, i try to laugh and have compassion, knowing its just a childish reaction. this has three major impacts - 1. i feel way less stressed out and angry. 2. the other person gets heard and acknowledged - which is all they really wanted in the first place. 3. the conversation disappears. try it and you'll see... when you allow another to be heard and gotten, that conversation will literally disappear.

our world is a big game that looks like this: millions and millions of people running around bumping into one another trying to prove that their point of view is right. sometimes we prove it by finding others that agree. other times we prove it by finding people who disagree so we can be pissed and then go find others that agree. lol. silly? maybe.. fun? sometimes.. purposeful? you be the judge.. to me its just what it is and well - its pretty silly, but so is scrabble and i sure as hell love a good scrabble match.

so who i am i in this silly game? freedom, love and play. why? because it is my life and i get to say, as do you!! what i am committed to is to share my love with the world. to inspire you. to teach you. to learn from you. to honor who you are and acknowledge you. to be with you in your heart and soul wherever you are, causing you to look at love in a way you never have before. to have you know that you can create anything for yourself and your life and that true, authentic, unconditional love is the access point to everything you desire.

i invite you to begin to devour life. everything you desire is yours. there are NO limitations! stop suppressing your desires, your life, your adventure. live, love, create, be self expressed. know that every moment of your life is a dance and you get to choose your next move. so who are you today?

with love,


Monday, June 9, 2008

Channeling, San Diego, Sailing and Studio

It has been a very interesting week... Last Tuesday I saw a lecture on raw food and enzyme therapy.. was pretty amazing. Then afterwards I sat in a room with 9 people, most of whom were strangers and a Channel or Medium did a session with us. It was one of the wildest experiences I've ever had. I am definitely a very open person - I believe in just about anything that you can't actually see with your own two eyes. Even so, there was that little skeptic in me, but this experience was beyond moving and fascinating. Riz, the Channel, is definitely the real deal. He said things to me and everyone in the room that he could not have known. The thing that moved me the most was that he knew I was a painter and told me to "drop the brushes, dip my hands and body in the paint and that I would feel as i once did as a child". It's been about two years since I've painted and I've missed it so much, but i've been so busy and focused on first, recording this album and now, raising money for it, building a team, and everything that goes into an album release across the board. In any case, I have missed painting. Now I just need to find some place to go paint for a day with my hands and body ;)

The rest of the week was amazing as well. Had some great meetings. Wrote a new song. Thursday I saw a great songwriter play named Buddy, which was wonderful. Saturday I went to San Diego with my friends Ross and Brennan for the day and drank tons of beer on the beach. Yes, I cheated on my diet in a major way ;) But it was microbrew.... I'm helpless with a good microbrew. lol. Sat night I played a show at the strangest venue i've ever been to. Sunday we drove back and I went sailing with a bunch of friends. What a beautiful day... I love the ocean.

Have to run - I'm on my way to Jim Scott's Studio to work on a remix of "Kiss Me Kiss Me"