Friday, July 11, 2008

We waste so much time

pretending. worrying. thinking. numbing ourselves. paralyzed from living.

its time to wake up. its time to move forward. its time to live.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Home Sweet NY

It's been wonderful being in NY. It has been extremely hectic - i thought I'd have plenty of free time in 3 weeks to chill, but 3 gigs has turned into 5 gigs, plus a live taping with Woozfly, recording some commercials, and the kicker - recording at the gorgeous LoHo Studios with Todd Perlmutter from Blue Man Group. I'm very excited.. On top of that we got photos back from the shoot last week and they are so cool... Now we're working on redesigning the website and album and all that. Finally came up with a title for the album too. its a secret ;) you'll see..

So.. NY... There is something about coming home to NY that feels so magical. There is so much love in this city and this week being with everyone has been an amazing homecoming. I am even more excited to see everyone at Mercury Lounge on Tuesday. I know that's going to be an incredible night.

One of these days I will get this video blog process moving smoothly and I'll be able to keep a running a video tab up online ;) Still need someone to help edit.. anyone?

Anyway, love to all. gotta catch a train. xx Tiff