Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Life always throws curve balls: things you don't want to deal with, relationships you want to deny, people you wished you weren't attached to, those who doubt you, plans you made in your head, and expectations never fulfilled... This month I began to experience myself in a new way. I've begun to learn detachment, commitment, clarity and responsibility. It is bizarre - extremely surreal to me. I've kept very hush about my experiences to most because I haven't known how to express the shift I've gone through.. It's been scary, yet its been empowering. I have realized things about myself that aren't pretty, but they are giving me freedom in acknowledging them.

I have really begun to understand who I am and what I am committed to in life. As I've begun to commit to guidelines for my life, I've begun detaching from the things in my life that don't fit under that umbrella. It's been scary because the familiar has taken a backseat. Relationships are shifting from a place of attachment to a new realm based on my commitments. It is unchartered, scary and beautiful...

Life is a declaration and a way of being and I am grateful to know that it is possible to recreate myself and my life anytime I choose. Today, who I am is the possibility of FREEDOM, UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, EMPOWERMENT and ACCEPTANCE.

Much Love - Deliriously Tired,