Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving in LA

what an interesting holiday i've had.. anita and i had dinner with a group of lovely strangers and then off to party hopping we went. first we ended up in the home of a composer where i got to play with a gorgeous boa constrictor. I am so in love with her.. ;)

Then we ended up at Adam Shankman's mansion in the hollywood hills where i found myself in a pool with a bunch of naked strangers.

Yes - interesting holiday indeed. Was fun AND i absolutely missed my crazy wonderful family, my dad's gravy and mom's stuffing. Regardless, it was a great day. I am thankful for all the new, wonderful people I met and for my family and friends. xo tiff

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A week of birthday

This week was amazing. I celebrated my birthday on multiple occasions and will continue to milk it until it gets closer to thanksgiving, where i will start celebrating food and beer!

Thursday was Hotel Cafe. My friends are adorable and baked cupcakes. Anita, my godmother flooded the place with balloons. The show was great - it was so nice to play with a full band in LA. It’s a rare occasion that makes me oh so happy! Late night we went to the piano bar where Brother Sal serenaded me with the best birthday song ever - you guessed it: Journey

Sunday was my real bday and I went out with a bunch of girls for dinner and then they took me to Louis IV and Bar Marmont in Hollywood. Was a fun night. Monday I saw Beck at the Nokia in LA. He was incredible. They performed his new single with headphones and samplers. It was so cute… Plus I love redheads! The opening band Jay Reatard I was not a fan of. The first half i thought they completely rocked, but after 5 or 6 songs with the same volume and tempo - loud and fast - I got super bored.

In Other News: We have been waiting and waiting and waiting for the unveiling of the new website. It’s official. While we will go on tweaking forever, is up and running, along with a new blog site that I am smitten with. It has taken a tremendous amount of effort from a group of incredible people. Special thanks to LANFUSION(.com) and Steve Spalding ( for their generosity and brilliance in pulling this together! Thank you! Tell me what you think - I love hearing from you. Post comments here or on myspace and facebook!

Next piece of big news: We finished mixing the album and now on to mastering! It sounds fantastic with thanks to Andrew Schneider and Todd Perlmutter for lending me their very large ears. ;) I’d also like to give special thanks to a few people who contributed towards the record. Thank you - without your support it would not have been possible! We still have a ways to go and I need your help. What I am creating is that we get 1000 downloads of the EP at $5 and the new record is as good as mixed!

How you can help:
1. Download Kiss Me Kiss Me direct off the site for $5
2. Help me start a viral campaign by emailing at least 10 friends and asking them to email 10 of their friends. Let them know: I am raising money to finish my record and the goal is to have 1000 people download the EP. Share with them why you think they should download it. And let them know that EVERY download makes a huge difference. Ask them if they will show their support by downloading it NOW by clicking here: (link to the direct download) and forward it to 10 friends.
3. OR you can order CD’s as holiday gifts from CDBABY- a charming, unique, inspiring stocking stuffer for someone you love. Order it here:

Thank you!! It’s been an inspiring month. I am madly in love with music and everyone I know. Life is good and all i have to do is remember to take a deep breath every once in a while and watch the sunset.


Tuesday, November 4, 2008


this is pretty damn exciting. numbers numbers numbers...

thank god i had an absentee ballot ;) Yay PA!!! with flying colors